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The SEIBAN brand was founded in 1919 in Osaka, Japan.

SEIBAN is the No.1 manufacturer of randsel backpacks in Japan. Randsel backpacks are also known as Randoseru. Seiban are committed to making products made in Japan and offer products that are purposefully build with the thoughts and consideration for Children. This is coupled with technology that is cultivated through strict manufacturing process for about 100 years. Randoseru.co is SEIBAN official Singapore distributor.

Seiban's Randsel Backpacks are carefully designed to last the entire six years of primary school and elementary school. The backpack is tough, reliable, light and easy to use. 

SEIBAN Randoseru store

Randsel and Randoseru backpacks are overwhelmingly popular in Japan where over 90% of elementary schoolchildren use them to carry their books to school. Randoseru are made with high-quality synthetic leather Clarino that is light, durable and water resistant.

Original Japanese Randoseru backpack.




SEIBAN Historical image