Introducing the various technology and functions of SEIBAN Randoseru


Made in Japan

Randoseru Parts

Feature 1

Dual layered structure

Built with high quality materials comprising of high and low resistance memory foam.

Feature 2

Wide and big Storage capacity

The bag structure allows for excellent storage capacity for the children study materials

Reflective sheet

Feature 3

Reflective sheet

Reflective indicators are installed on all faced and it helps keep children visible to cars during dark night or rainy days.

Feature 4

D layered cushion

Supports your back softly and firmly

Feature 5

Posture-building Support

Feature 6

"Tafukaru" Style keeper Tough and light plate

The light plate helps to maintain the contents placed inside of the randoseru.

Feature 7

"Angel Wings" Shoulder Belt

The bottom of the shoulder belts of the Randoseru Bag are brought up to disperse the heaviness of the content. This allows for extra support and do not place heavy load on the child.

Feature 8

Water resistant Material

Feature 9

Scratch resistant material

Feature 10

Able to withstand heavy weights