Front & Side View

1. Front cover protects contents within the bag

2. Reflective cover studs attached to the front cover

3. Handle attached to the shoulder belt for ease of hand-carrying

4. Shoulder belt that firmly and comfortably support the shoulders

5. Re-attachable safety hook that can be used to hang items at the side of the bag (safety feature - designed to get detached when the weight is overloaded)

compartment View

6. Flexible compartment for carrying items such as pencil case and notebooks etc.

7. Zipper compartment for added privacy

8. Wide storage capacity for textbooks and water bottle etc.

9. Belt attached to the side of the school bag

Back View

10. To adjust the angle of the shoulder belt to comfortably fit the shoulders

11. Metal fitting to hang a security buzzer or other small items

12. Metal fitting for hanging bag on hooks

13. Dual-layered backrest to enhance comfort on the back

14. Adjustable straps to ensure the shoulder belts are securely fitted on the shoulders

Bottom View

15. One press would activate the lock knob which will automatically lock the bag

16. Lock Knob to unlock the school bag by turning right or left

17. Connected to the shoulder belt with a fastener